"Make Money By Selling Ebooks Today!"

An Online Internet Publishing Tutorial
By Manuel Viloria, "Your Friendly Ebook Coach"
Inside your head are bits of information, knowledge and experiences waiting to be transformed into an electronic book, or ebook.

And guess what? People are willing to give you money for that information.

Have you ever received compensation for the following?

  • Writing papers, articles, essays
  • Giving a talk on a subject that interests you the most
  • Teaching others a few tips about your favorite hobby
  • Capturing the history of a place through your diary

For most of you, probably not.

But now you can get paid! With the help of the internet...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ebooks And Internet Publishing

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  1. What are ebooks?
  2. Why will people buy your ebooks?
  3. How do you get started with ebooks?
  4. How do you create an ebook? (Updated)
  5. How do you sell ebooks using a web site?
  6. How do you get paid for ebooks?
  7. How do you deliver ebooks?
  8. How can I learn more?
  9. How To Publish and Promote Online NEW!
  10. Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy NEW!

What are ebooks?

    Electronic books, or ebooks, are electronic versions of written material. They can contain text, sound, images. And they exist in the form of files that can be read--

    • Using a computer: Word documents, text files, web pages, PDF files, EXE files

    • Using an ebook reader

Why will people buy ebooks?

  • Maybe they need the information right away.
  • Or there's no other source available (i.e., it's not in the bookstore).

How do you get started with ebooks?

  • You need some written material first.
  • Software to convert the material into electronic form.
  • A web site that will market your ebook, plus some internet marketing skills.
  • A way to get paid online.
  • A way of sending the ebook to your customer.

How do you create an ebook?

  • The most universal format is PDF, which can be read by both Windows and Macintosh users. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to convert your Word documents into PDF files.

    Here's the Difference between Distiller and PDF Writer

    Since Adobe products are quite expensive, you can try other
    PDF Creation Tools or Convert-to-PDF Tools.

  • Or you can choose to just email the Word document itself. Hopefully, your customer can read the file.

  • Or you can convert your material into web pages or html files, before combining all those html files into a single executable or EXE file with the help of an HTML Compiler.

How do you sell ebooks using a web site?

    There are internet marketing and salesletter techniques that can motivate your customers to buy your ebook:

    • Convincing words
    • Credible web design, nice ebook cover graphics
    • Selling psychology

    ...or you can simply provide your potential customers with sample ebooks:

    • Limited chapters can be downloaded
    • All chapters are downloaded, but most of the chapters are locked using a password

    Looking for a reliable web host provider with great customer service?

    I personally use and highly recommend Host4Profit.com

How do you get paid for your ebooks?

    To automate your business, choose to receive payment online. A third-party credit card payment processor you can check out is Payloadz.

How do you deliver ebooks?

  1. You can choose to deliver the unlocking passwords or the ebook itself via email (as an attached file).

  2. You can email to your customer the web page from where they can download the ebook.

  3. Or you can have ShareIt.com deliver--on your behalf--the password or ebook via email, or via a download page.

Where can I learn more? (Recommended Reading List)

  • Make Your Knowledge Sell - Tackles ebook marketing techniques such as what title to use for your ebooks to improve sales, and also reveals to you brainstorming techniques for coming up with innovative ebook titles.

I hope this page has given you ideas on how to make better use of this thing called the internet, and how to turn your knowledge into gold.

Let's keep in touch, ok?

Warm regards,
Manuel Viloria (bio)
"Your Friendly Ebook Coach"

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