How To Publish and Promote Online

Can this thoroughly revised and expanded “underground bible” for online authors and publishers provide the key to your writing success?
By Manuel Viloria, Ebook Coach,

"Anyone interested in e-books or e-publishing should
read this informative--and groundbreaking--guide."
-- Publishers Weekly

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It was a Saturday morning, my son was in his Little Gym class, and I decided to visit the bookstore when that SINGLE remaining copy of How To Publish and Promote Online stared at me from the shelf. Funny, never noticed that copy before. So I decided to quickly skim through it.

After just two minutes, I excitedly headed for the cashier.

If you're a writer or e-book author, beginner or advanced--and if your basic question is: "How can you make money selling your written material online?"--then this book provides a lot of answers for you.

Most of the ebooks and information out there talk about what ebooks are, or how to create them. This tangible, printed book talks about all those and more... includes links to places that help you market your ebook. And that's the key: Your ebook is worthless unless you can market it and get the word out to your paying customers that your product even exists.

When you get this printed 266-page book, you'll discover how you will benefit. Here is a sample of exactly what you'll get:

  • How to post audio clips of you reading from your own books. (Page 109)

  • 6 popular online promotional tactics...that didn't work (Learn from their mistakes, so you make better use of your time. See Chapter 31.)

  • 6 surefire ways to write new releases that get published. (Page 126)

  • 21 places to send your book-related press releases and announcements online. (Chapter 33)

  • 10 commandments for sending e-mail to the Media.

  • Sample telephone pitch to the Media, plus 37 responses and insightful tips from them. (Pages 136-143)

  • Learn to successfully host your own "Cyberbook Party" and how to get the press to come

  • 22 sites that host author chats. (Chapter 38)

  • The 7-Step process of getting reviews, plus how to get your books reviewed offline.

  • 22 places to get your e-books reviewed. Covers sci fi, mysteries, and romance, among other genres.

  • How to get publicity via discussion lists.

  • 10 places to find Discussion Lists.

  • 9 electronic newsletter promos you can send your sample chapters to.

  • Angela's 6 Ongoing Publicity Campaign Tactics.

  • 9 places where you can advertise cost-effectively.

  • 5 case studies of authors who used the "FREE" approach to boost book sales.

  • M. J. Rose reveals if you should give away the whole book. The answer will surprise you.

  • How you can profitably succeed with e-serials (sponsorship-suppored novels given away for free to readers one chapter at a time)

  • 7 sites to help your own e-magazine, plus a sample e-mag format you can use for your first newsletter, courtesy of Angela Adair-Hoy

  • 8 secrets of creating and maintaining a successful e-zine (Pages 206-208)

  • Where to register your e-book's web site (search engines and industry-specific directories)

  • How to stay informed of events in the world of publishing, both on and off the internet. (Page 215)

  • Where to get outstanding book cover design.

  • 10 Online Discussion Forums.

  • 17 E-mags for authors and publishers.

  • 28 Support and Interactive Resources for Authors.

  • Get answers on copyright and ISBN.

  • How to spot literary scams.

  • How to price your book.

  • How you can find an agent, and what questions to ask them.

  • 4 smaller online bookstores where you can sell your book.

  • How to market to libraries.

  • How to sell autographed books online.

  • 9 online bestseller lists.

  • How to handle bad book reviews.

  • How to network with professional self-published authors.

  • Which self-publishing mistakes you can avoid.

  • Where to post excerpts of your novel.

  • 4 places to promote your web site for free.

  • 4 places to announce your web site.

  • 4 places to submit your web site to multiple engines for free.

  • How to prepare for a television interview.

  • 18 online book clubs you can pitch your ebook to.

  • 19 best book-related Usenet newsgroups.

  • 8 best publishing-related Usenet newsgroups.

  • 3 best Usenet newsgroups for authors.

  • 10 tips for weaving your promotional web.

  • How Paulette Ensign succeeded by first starting small.

  • How to build a credible online reputation.

  • How Blurbs sell your books.

  • ...and more!

Yes, there are more topics covered, but I chose to focus more on the useful marketing and promotion info found in this book.

Afterall, what good is your wonderfully written book or ebook
if people don't even know it exists?

STOP -- and imagine how much easier and profitable your life will be when you can use the 500-plus places to promote your book on the web, with the help of How To Publish and Promote Online. Think of all the time you will save, and the improved sales performance your publications can have, as you give this book a try today.

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Kind regards,

Manuel Viloria

P.S.   Remember this: If you are wondering why you're having a hard time selling your books, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Try something different today--model the success of M.J. Rose and Angela Adair-Hoy.

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